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  The Importance of Long Beach Islamic Center
Building upon the foundations laid out by Long Beach’s first mosque,  Masjid Al Shariff, the Long Beach Islamic Center provides a religious and educational environment that meets the growing needs of our diverse and ever-expanding Muslim community. The prayer hall will not only serve local converts and community members, but also Muslim students from CSULB (especially those who originate from out-of-state and international regions), and Muslims employed in Long Beach and its surrounding areas.

LBIC currently provides an open facility that hosts the five obligated prayers on a daily basis, Friday congregational/Jumaa prayers, Eid prayers, Ramadan breakfasts and Qiyam prayers. The mosque also provides classes teaching Islam and Arabic language classes with special emphasis on new Muslims and children classes. The center provides answers to questions that arise within the Muslim community in accordance with Islamic solutions (fatwas) and provides marriage and divorce announcements.

Invitations are accepted and given via the open dialogue that LBIC maintains between Muslim and Interfaith leadership figures. Such dialogues facilitate a realistic image of Islam as a religion (way of life) and a mercy upon mankind to our neighbors, classmates, and co-workers

    Points Of Progress

Purchased 14,000 sq./ft. in the city of Signal Hill as the first piece of land that would be home to their mosque, office, bathrooms, and parking lot.

Early 2006
Presented Construction Plans engineered by UpRise Engineering & Construction, INC to the Signal Hill city officials.

Acquired the Grant Deed and Preliminary Change of Ownership.

June 2007
LBIC project plans approved by city council and mayor staff.

April 2008
Project will be approved by the Planning department of Signal Hill.

May 2008
Construction began on our acquired land.

Future Goals:
LBIC is working diligently to complete construction of our lovely new mosque by Ramadan 2012. The opportunity to contribute towards building the house of Allah can become a reality with your support. Find out the many ways you can participate in this noble project by clicking here