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We appeal to every Muslim brother and sister to make DUA and donate generously for the house of Allah. This is the opportunity to earn everlasting rewards and blessings for you and your murhumeen.

Donation payments are done through PayPal, a fast, safe and secure way to answer the call to build the house of Allah with Long Beach Islamic Center . There is No minimum amount required to give a donation. So please, rather than just get intimidated by the usual plea to "please donate generously" take a few moments to imagine how many people have overlooked the opportunity to donate at least a penny, or even a dollar, because they would rather donate a hundred, or would even give a million if only they had it! Now imagine how together, each penny, each dollar can add up to an amount that is larger than even our wealthiest donors may contribute! Now is the time to take action! Imagine being apart of this movement of pennys to build the house of Allah s.w.t. My dear Brothers & Sisters, when we ask that you donate generously, we are only asking to donate what you can, a penny, a million, your reward is measured with Allah s.w.t., and he is the best to reward us for giving him this beautiful loan!

How To Donate: (5 Easy Steps, total time is less than 2 minutes)

  1. Click on the donations button and you'll be redirected to our PayPal donations page
  2. Enter the donations amount and click on Update Total
  3. Enter your credit card information
  4. Click on Review Donations and Continue
  5. Review your donations and submit
Notes (please read):
Our Donations system does not require a Username and Password
If you don't have PayPal Account, click on Continue under "Don't have a PayPal account?" on the
donations page
We accept all major credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and PayPal)
A receipt will be sent to your email