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  Temporary Location

In recognition of the growing needs of Muslims in Long Beach, a garage was donated by a Muslim community member who owns a car dealership.

Our temporary prayer hall is located at:
1471 Long Beach Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90813

    The need for a permanent location

Our temporary location provides a steady place to:

  • Pray 5 daily, jumaa, & qiyam prayers
  • Celebrate Eid
  • Learn about Islam
  • Learn to read Quran
  • Memorize Quran

However, our current location :

  • Does not provide enough space for our growing community
  • The back of a car dealership is not a safe environment for our children

Our sisters lack women friendly facilities

New Latino Brother, is one of many converts who has already learned how to read Quran,
recite Quran, & who has found a welcoming home at LBIC as a new Muslim!


Community members socialize after Friday "Jumaa" Prayer

Outside of the Garage

Our temporary prayer hall is located in the rear of the car dealership, inside of a Garage